About Us

Hey! I’m Finleigh the owner of The Young & The Reckless. I'm twenty years old and in love with clothes. Ever since I can remember I've been a shopaholic haha. However with my very picky nature I found it hard to find clothes that I thought were perfect. Always wishing I could alter designs and fit of clothing.

So back in June 2020 when I unfortunately lost my apprenticeship at my local hairdressers due to the current pandemic I was gutted and anxious about moving on. Although I loved it there this made me realise hairdressing wasn't my true passion. So this gave me the opportunity to design clothes that I was in love with and bring back my love of art and designing along with it.

My sister the owner of the little ones shop already had her success through designing and making clothes so I decided to jump on her bandwagon and start creating my own stuff, after being envious of her shop for ages aha! It was then that I decided to fully embrace my love for black clothing and the grunge/rock and roll aesthetic.

With my brand I really wanted to embrace women empowerment also. So I targetted my brand towards you amazing ladies. I wanted to put out a clothing brand that made women feel like badasses in my pieces embracing their true self. This year I have learnt as a young woman I can do anything I put my mind to! Although I'm still working on my confidence, I really want to show people that you are you and girls should always support girls! I am absolutely fed up of all the shaming now a days and wanted to create a community that really uplifts each other and when wearing my clothes I hope you all feel like the badasses you truly are and don't have the time to listen to the people that want to put you down!

thank you for all of your support
yours truly, Finleigh xxx